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About us

M & C INTERNATIONAL HUNTING is a private company with over 20 years of constant activity in organizing hunt in Romania. It was founded and is currently led by Valentin Ciuca one of the first people involved in this activity, since the beginning of 1990, when hunting was reopened in Romania for citizens of other countries.


The vast experience made in all these years, by organizing many hunts across the country, for all species, gave us a good knowledge of all the possibilities for hunting and a careful selection of the best areas in Romania.

Thanks to a strong positioning of our company in Romania, we are able to organize hunting in the best areas of the country, at high quality standards and probably at the best prices in the market.

Our entire business relationship with our clients and partners has always relied on ethics and mutual respect. Thus we managed to build ourselves a good image and a very good reputation, both in Romania and abroad.

We always offer complete services, from the arrival in the country of hunters until their departure. Any hunt request will be carefully analyzed, in terms of real possibilities of organizing under specified conditions.

We will guide you to choose the best periods of time to hunt and we will provide you all the details connected to your stay as well as all its costs.

We will advise you on other species that may be hunted during your stay, as an additional choice.

Since many hunters want to come to Romania accompanied by friends or family members who are not hunters, we can organize visits and excursions for them, in a good correlation with the development of the hunting program.

An important goal for us is that through quality service, through dedicated attention, to development of the entire stay in Romania, but primarily through the hunting results, to succeed on making you come back on other occasions, just like we did until today, to have hunters or groups of hunters who returned gladly, over the years to hunt with us in Romania.

And last but not least, by our way of developing our activity, we want to help create a better image in the world for Romania.