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Hunting in Romania

Brown Bear


Wild Boar

Red Stag

Roe Deer

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Romania is already a very popular destination for hunting. Located in a temperate continental climate, due to the presence of all forms of relief, in very well defined proportions, with high mountains, large hills and extended plains, and also thanks to a special hydrographic network, in Romania we find a wide variety of animal species, many of which are really interesting for hunting. At the same time, Romania is known for its outstanding trophies, especially for Chamois, Brown Bear, or Wild Boar, but all the species for hunting are well represented in terms of density and quality.


Hunting in Romania is still made in a natural environment, respecting in the present day some traditional methods inherited from the past. The experience in practicing and hunting organization, the quality of services, and also the hospitality of locals, will compete in obtaining successful hunting and some very pleasant stay for hunters and their companions.


Romania is worth visiting and we absolutely believe that after one experience you will return or you will recommend this destination to friends or to other people interested.